The Public Access
Crawford County Abstract & Sac County Title publish The Public Access, a weekly bulletin of real estate records, court filings and mortgage shares in Buena Vista, Carroll, Crawford, Green, Ida, and Sac Counties. Learn more and subscribe today.

Root/40-year Abstract of Title
This abstract service is a compilation of all documents filed of public record affecting a specific parcel of real estate from the date of the root of title (a transfer of the entire title at least forty years prior to certification date) to the date of certification. Documents are shown in accordance with the standards set by the Iowa State Bar Association and the Iowa Land Title Association. Includes appropriate judgment and lien searches against all titleholders in the chain of title and status of the real estate taxes. A search is also conducted from the date of government entry to the date of root of title for any matters affecting the real estate such as easements, party wall agreements and plats of survey. View a real sample.

Continuation of Abstract
An Abstract of Title from the date of the last certification to the current date of certification. This is added to an existing Root-40-year Abstract.

Stub Abstract
An Abstract of Title from a specifically requested date to the date of certification.

Free Pre-Abstract Memorandum
Reports potential title issues while Crawford County Abstract holds an abstract for certification. This free title report is useful for real estate sellers and Realtors who seek to resolve title issues before the real estate transaction. The result is a faster real estate closing process. View a sample.

Lien Report (Title Guaranty’s form 900/901)
Reports any judgments or liens filed against an individual. Includes case number, who the judgment or lien is in favor of and the amount of the judgment. This title service is useful when a potential lender needs to know who else has a stake in the property. View a sample.

Gap/post closing search
Reports new judgments or liens filed against an individual in from the last certified search date to current.

Ownership Report
Reports the legal titleholders of real estate, the document with which they took title, and the legal description of their property. These simple reports provide developers with names of people to contact when considering real estate, and sometimes clarify disputes between neighbors. View a sample.