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Crawford County Abstract, LLC publishes The Public Access, a weekly bulletin of real estate records, court filings and mortgage shares in Buena Vista, Carroll, Crawford, Green, Ida, and Sac Counties.

If you already receive The Public Access electronically, it is best to update your preferences through a recent edition of The Public Access. After you submit your information to subscribe to The Public Access, Crawford County Abstract will send you an invoice for your reports, based on the following fee schedule:

REAL ESTATE RECORDS: $65/year for one county, $45/year for each additional county
Content: Land transactions, mortgages, mortgage releases, mortgage extensions, tax liens. Useful to those interested in knowing about real estate fluctuations.
Delivery: Weekly, reporting the previous week. View a redacted sample.

COURT FILINGS: $65/year for one county, $45/year for each additional county
Content: Judgments entered with dollar amounts, foreclosure and probate files opened, dissolution decrees entered. Useful to those interested in people.
Delivery: Weekly, reporting the previous week. View a redacted sample.

MORTGAGE SHARES $120/year for one county, $70/year for each additional county
Content: Organizes borrowers by lender, the amount loaned, and the lender’s percentage of that month’s total mortgage lending. Useful to those interested in comparing banks.
Delivery: Monthly, the second week of the following month. View a redacted sample.

Additional email recipients within your office may be added for $5 per year. This “user fee” eases your burden of remembering to forward these reports to co-workers at a mere $0.10 per email.

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